Friday, March 30, 2018

International Quilt Market for Quilting - Portland

Quilt Market 2018 Portland

Small Business Sales and Marketing Consulting with Billy Lowe
Let me begin by saying, "I DON'T QUILT!"  But my family has a rich history of crafts, music, and creating.  Wait did I mention cooking and baking? And after 25+ years in retail sales and marketing, life on the red carpet as a hair stylist, and basic knowledge of today's retail market, I've been asked to share some experiences at the International Quilting Convention in Portland, Oregon this year.

It's no secret that e-commerce and "deal of the day" campaigns have had a negative impact on many small businesses and industries as a whole.  So,,, I'll be speaking at the Quilting Convention in Portland in May (2018).  But let me confess right up front, I am not a quilter myself and know nothing about the subject matter except that my Grandmother quilted for years and was quite the creative person and that was "the tie that binds" and sparked an interest in my team to submit content to the organizers for a possible speaking opportunity. She worked as a seamstress for Macon Manufacturing Shirt Company in Macon, Georgia as did her daughter and sister-in-law.  I remember Grandma would come home so many times with bags and bags of fabric strips, spools and spools of thread, and thousands and thousands of buttons which she turned into necklaces.

A photo of my amazing Grandmother. I'm sure she was
showing off her tomato plants here? And yes she made
her dress.
When I think of all of the things I DO know and things I HAVE accomplished, they are all fun and somewhat impressive but quilting is not even on the table. So what is?  Well obviously I've worked in the health and beauty markets for 25+ years in sales and marketing leadership, and somehow landed on the red carpet as Hollywood hair guy meeting red carpet demands year after year. Throw in a few amazing consulting gigs and supporting the launch of some incredible products and brands in addition to owning my own "storefront business" in Los Angeles - there's some great stuff to work with I'd say.

DON'T QUIT. QUILT! What does it mean?  If you look closely, there's only one difference in those two words.  I wonder if you can see what it is.  I wonder what you think the meaning is. I don't think quitting means we have to close a business or a door. Many times we "quit" before we even get out the door in the morning to head to work.  To me it's more about actions and attitudes. Many times we feel we are "out of gas" or "out of answers" and we need to refresh or recharge.  Having someone navigate for us or provide a fresh thought or insight (even from another industry) is super impactful and gets us charged again.

The International Quilt Market Quilting and Education Convention will be a great event and the DON'T QUIT. QUILT! workshop allows attendees to catch some fresh ideas, and "roll out the red carpet" for their customers in a whole new way, whether they are celebrities or not.  My ideas about THINKING AROUND THE CORNER are really about perception and knowing your businesses well enough to trust your instinct, and lean back on THE LETTER L - which is at the very heart of most of what we do.

MAY 11, 2018 WEEKEND
(registered attendees only)


FRIDAY - MAY 11, 2018   6-7PM
SPEAKER: BILLY LOWE - Celebrity hair stylist, Founder of Gloss & Toss® Hair Care & consultant for companies large and small striving for excellence in their brand growth and development.

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