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Grandma's Coin Jar

I have a sweet tooth.  There I said it.

I don't care how much sugar, how much fat, or how much anything it has in it - if it looks good and I want to try it, I'm going to.

My Grandmother was my favorite person on earth.  She believed in my mind and encouraged everything I ever wanted to do.  When she passed away in 1999, a part of my childhood did as well and I  knew I had to somehow keep the magic and Hope of life alive within myself to keep her vision and "push" going.  My Aunt Vivian once said Grandma could pray the paint off of a wall and that when she passed away, Aunt Vivian looked up and thought to herself "Lord who's gonna pray for me now?"  Grandma prayed for everyone, their pets, and their fleas.  She was the kindest, most gentle and loving person, and she wouldn't think twice about friends just popping in for a visit and she'd have a meal prepared in 5 minutes that looked like it had taken an hour.   "Y'all come on in."…

The Candy Bar Story

"Get away from my door!" shouted the old man. 

"Yes please I'll take 3.  Nice to meet you and good luck." said the kind lady next door.  

I learned a lot about sales and marketing from simple candy bar fund raising events as a kid.  I come from a large (church-going) family and when I say we had to work for what we had, I truly mean it.  Our church was a smaller church and there weren't huge budgets for this or that but there was always an effort to keep local youth actively involved and interested in attending our services. Each summer, for example, our little church worked to raise enough money for the youth groups to go to Six Flags Atlanta (I grew up in Georgia).  This was the "IT" thing to do each summer and created great back to school bragging rights.  Since there wasn't a huge budget for these kinds of outings, we all had to put on the famous quote that says "IF IT'S TO BE - IT'S UP TO ME!"

Our youth group leaders work…