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Are All Hearts Free?

My father is a minister and I grew up in his churches (our churches) and under his leadership.  It wasn't  just Sunday mornings for us.  It was Sunday morning, Sunday night, mid-week devotionals, Vacation Bible School, district get togethers, and on and on.  This all happened while my father miraculously worked another full-time job, raised his 6 children, and kept clothes on our backs and food on the table which, many times, wasn't a lot.

People go to church for various reasons.  Some go because that's the way it is, others because they feel devoted to a building and they put however much money into the new bell tower, others from a true relationship with God and their experience with the Lord and others because they love the music services.

With most church services, there's a time for music, a time for announcements, a message, and some sort of call to action.  These calls to action aren't just "go spread the good news" necessarily.  Sometimes the ve…