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Most Embarrassing Moments

Everyone has "Most Embarrassing Moments!"  Yes it's true - I trained in classical piano performance and today I am a hair stylist. I'm not perfect, I put my foot in my mouth A LOT, and I have many embarrassing moments. Chief among these is the time I entered a high school talent competition for African Amerian students in central Georgia without even realizing it wasn't for me.  The odd thing?  Out of about 500 entries, I won 2nd place. 

We moved around a lot when I was a kid. My K-12 admissions records look more like a US Tour than a solid educational foundation.  My parents are divorced and my father's work took us here and there, and it seems like every year I was the new kid all over again and sometimes twice a year. I think most people that know me realize that I grew up in a church environment so I began playing piano at a very young age, and using that as an excuse to get out of the house, find a quiet space somewhere (and in something) other than bei…