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Best Hair Tips in Humid Weather - Fight Frizz and Humidity

Fight frizzy hair at with our signature hair serum, leave in conditioner, and versatile hairspray.

With a few hair tips you can fight frizz and poofy hair in humid weather and reduce the effects of humidity in your beauty routine.

For many people, humidity is a friend to their hair or overall beauty ritual.  For most, it's absolutely dreadful.  The thick, heavy air, the dampness on the skin, and the gradual swelling of hair until it's out of control "big hair."  Do not pass go, do not collect $200, run straight away to your nearest beauty counter and lacquer down baby.  The tornado just touched down in Kansas.

So what's the big fuss?  Well it depends on your hair type and it largely depends on what you're used to.  If you're accustomed to humidity, many people throw their hands up and say "this is just what it is."  If not, you're probably ready to throw on a baseball cap and have a ponytail sort of day.  So let's sta…

Welcome to Hollywood Hair and a Dose of Gloss & Toss Beauty

Celebrity Hair Stylist Billy Lowe is a Los Anglees based hair stylist and the founder of Gloss & Toss hair products delivering the best results for healthy, shiny, radiant looking hair.  From our signature hair serum to our amazing detangle brush, Gloss & Toss hair products are an expansion of Lowe's 20+ years in the health and beauty industries.  

Our mission?  To demystify the world of "Hollywood Beauty" and make hair products, tips, and services available to customers everywhere to achieve gorgeous hair results and more look good - feel good moments.  

This blog shares insights from "behind the scenes" Hollywood beauty and other random thoughts by Lowe and his team whether it's a beauty tip, a red carpet experience, or perhaps a random family recipe or photos from a road trip.  But if you need a great hair volume tip, you'll find that here.  If you're looking for the best hair serum to blow-dry your hair, we definitely know a thing or two a…

Best Wedding Hair Tips and Healthy Hair on your Wedding Day

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Bridal Hair:  Best hair products and hair tips for your wedding day and hair style ideas from Billy Lowe and Gloss & Toss Hair Products. 

Hair styles and healthy hair for your wedding day have probably been on your mind for quite some time.  But for some reason many clients take their hair and makeup into their own hands and often  You've planned this day (or many of you have) since you were six years old.  Now this article isn't a magic wand trick nor a quick-fix for an overnight catastrophe.  Healthy hair means taking care of your hair (and scalp) on a daily basis, and setting up systems that work for you.  It also means getting in for those routine appointments leading up to your wedding and a few other essentials that we hope will prove to be helpful.  Consider this your Healthy Hair Countdown.

1.  Healthy Hair Countdown might look like this.  If you wanted to grow your hair out (depending on how much), you'll want to start that a ye…

Best Hair Volume Tips | How to get more volume

Hair Volume Tips with Gloss & Toss Root Lift online at:

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Hair Volume is KEY when it comes to a full voluminous look.  Whether fullness through the ends or fullness at the root area - clients often love a thicker, fuller "do" in many cases and they don't want hair to fall flat.  Gloss & Toss Root Lift is a great product to give volume to your hair style or blow-out and helps create a thicker, fuller look and feel that stays and doesn't feel sticky or fall flat.

Using a teasing brush or comb, take 1/4 or 1/2 inch sections and lift straight up keeping sections neat and clean.  Simply "push" hair downward toward the scalp (or base area) to create cushion to the hair.  No harsh back combing is necessary.  Your grandmother may have called this "ratting."  Here's our step-by…

Gloss & Toss Detangle Brush | Gentle Detangling Hair & Daily Styling

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Gloss & Toss Detangle Brush: For detangling hair, daily brushing and general styling.   This amazing hair styling brush has so many wonderful features and I write firsthand to share the many benefits of this brush which are much more than just detangling hair.  I personally use this brush for daily brushing and styling, in-salon moisture treatments at the shampoo area, teasing and styling and so much more.   Check it out.........
FEATURES: 170 ultra-flexible bristlesComfort round tips on bristle endsBreathable cushion baseComfort-grip handleStand-up designLightweight and so much  more.  Detangling your hair has never been easier and much more comfortable than with the Detangle Brush from Gloss & Toss.  Many brushes break down over time and are heavy and uncomfortable when detangling hair or brushing.  This lightweight detangler was developed with you in mind and is not only an effective hair tool, it's quite pret…

Peeps Products for Easter

I love my sis.  She sent me this super cool PEEPS care package for easter.  The T-shirt is super comfortable and she even send my dog (Panda) a little PEEPS chew toy.   Awe.  A good friend of mind has always been a PEEPS fan and he would make art-work out of them.  There's just something so fun, yummy, and chewy about those little yellow marshmallows every year.  I've always loved them.