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Purple Shampoo to tone brassiness | Shampoo for brassy hair

Gloss & Toss hair tips for toning hair and achieving the best hair color results.

What's the best shampoo and conditioner for toning brassy hair?  Purple shampoo - Yes.  

Violet based shampoos and conditioners are great for many color treatments, toning, and color smudges.  We know on the color wheel that violets and blues are opposite the warmer tones.  This means they help neutralize or minimize those warmer outcomes.  In hair services this is helpful to know because many times, highlights for example, can produce some warmth in the final result and toners, glazes, or shampoos with a color element to them are used to help "tone" the undesired effect.

Over time, blonde hair especially can attract dirt and congestion from the air causing brightened color to look dull.  This is where a violet base shampoo is super helpful.    I do, however, suggest a few things before just "slathering it on."

I suggest shampooing your hair with a daily shampoo specific to …