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Hair Oil and Moisture Treatment for Hair | Best uses

Hair and scalp oil is an essential part of many beauty rituals. Hair treatment and conditioning treatment for hair and scalp are add-on services provided by many hair salon and day spas.  

From salon moisture treatments for hair to at home hot oil treatments for hair, clients around the world use a wide variety of oils for their hair and scalp.  But why should you?  Let's investigate.

1.  RUSH HOUR TRAFFIC.   You know what it's like.  You're sitting and sitting, and there just aren't enough radio stations to tune into.  That's what the ends of your hair feel like when they feel dry, uncared for, or the victim of excessive thermal styling, perhaps.  The natural oils from your scalp most do not travel to the ends of your hair so while the scalp area stays nice and nourished with those natural oils, the ends of your hair become more and more distressed, damaged, and unhealthy looking.  Using a hair and scalp oil puts you in the fast lane for healthy, shiny, radiant loo…