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How to Detangle Hair - Best Tips for Detangling

Detangling hair and finding the best detangle brush for hair is a challenge many clients face.  If you have long hair or thick/coarse hair types, tangled tresses can be a daily chore.  But through the years I've found some great ways that work for me when styling hair and ways that make brushing your hair a more comfortable process.

1.  Separate hair with fingers first.  Whether your hair is wet or dry, separate hair with fingers working around all sections and separate as much as you can with your fingers.  Avoid pulling and tugging.  Dividing hair and separating in this manner puts less stress on the hair in the various sections from root to ends.

2.  If your hair is dry - work through detangling as much as you can in this stage first.  Avoid getting hair wet when it's already tangled and don't spray "slip and slide" products into hair until you've worked through this dry stage as much as possible.  When hair is wet use detangling mists or conditioners.  On…