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Frizz to Fab - Styling Tips to Help Frizzy Hair

FRIZZ TO FAB - Ways to identify, treat, prevent and conceal frizz. 

How to tame frizzy hair and treat and conceal frizz in your hair style.

FRIDAY JULY 28, 2017

I was delighted once again to return to the Home and Family Show on the Hallmark Channel to discuss FRIZZ TO FAB.   Customers and clients everywhere all have many of the same concerns and the topic of frizz comes up quite frequently.  It can mean the absolute difference between a great hair day and a lousy hair day.

1.  What causes frizz?
2.  How do we treat frizz?
3.  Can we prevent frizzy hair?
4.  Are there any hair styles where we can conceal frizz? 

Lots of answers to these great questions were provided in this segment.

What is frizz?   Think of frizz as an "aggravated hair strand." Rather than looking smooth and polished like a smooth surface, it looks more distressed and unruly and almost splintery.  In this beauty segment on the Home and Family show, I described that frizz-free hair has a smooth and polished look, similar to a shiny flat surface.  I showed a piece of flat tinfoil which is smooth and reflects light fairly well, and I showed a piece of crumpled tinfoil which would reflect a "frazzled" hair surface, and would look unhealthy and not reflect as much light.  The smoother the hair surface (or any surface) the shinier and more polished it will look.  When we look at hair that we classify as smooth, shiny or healthy, it's because the hair is smooth and polished.

Try Gloss & Toss  hair Shine serum and Prep leave in conditioner and hair protector.  These are available as a set called Smoothing duo available on our website at

What causes frizz?   Obviously weather concerns like humidity can affect hair and cause frizzy looking results.  While there's no way to control Mother Nature there are ways we can treat hair and help resist frizzy results in our hair styling.  Other factors that may contribute to frizz are thermal styling, static, over processing, not staying on time with routine salon appointments, AND inconsistent daily care for hair & scalp. Also, not protecting hair against the elements (sun, environment, etc) can lead to frizzy and distressed hair.

TO PREP OR PRE-TREAT HAIR WE RECOMMEND:    GLOSS & TOSS PREP with silk amino acids, aloe and horsetail.  A few mists keeps hair silky smooth, helps detangle, and protects against thermal & environmental damage.  This product coupled with our signature Shine serum makes a great value set online.

OUR SKIN DOESN'T STOP AT THE HAIRLINE!    I've always said that healthy hair begins with healthy scalp.   I've also shared that "OUR SKIN DOESN'T STOP AT THE HAIRLINE" and just as we cleanse or exfoliate our facial area, hands or other parts of the body, our scalp needs the same care and maintenance. Many customers go 2, 3, 4 days or more in-between shampoos or hair/scalp maintenance and as a result, hair and scalp health may not be optimal.

Then clients want to know:

  • Why is my hair dry?
  • Why is my color fading?
  • Why are my ends brittle and frizzy?
  • Why doesn't my hair grow faster?

Our scalp is part of our skincare system and it plays a vital part in protecting, nourishing, delivering moisture and hydration, detoxing and so much more.  So if we're not taking care of our scalp area, we experience build up of dead skin cells, product, environmental pollutants, etc.  This build-up can lead to less than healthy looking hair, color fading, dry/brittle ends and so forth because the skin feels suffocated and it's being blocked from doing what it needs to do.

Buy this Detangle Brush at 
100 strokes a day?   Yes my Grandmother believe it and so do I.  Well maybe not 100 strokes a day but you get the idea.

Routine brushing helps exfoliate the scalp, stimulates circulation, provides rejuvenating massage, and helps the natural oils travel from scalp to ends of hair that may not otherwise receive this crucial moisture.  

I've suggested for some time to brush hair (dry) once or twice a week in various sections to accomplish the benefits listed above.  The ends of our hair often become more and more dry or brittle because nourishment from the scalp area don't travel that far down. So when we shampoo or style, the ends become more and more troubled.  So we prevent much of that by keeping the ends nourished through this technical brushing technique or using serums and add on moisture treatments or hair and scalp oil.  See the Hair & Scalp Healing Oil from Gloss & Toss.

The Gloss & Toss DETANGLE BRUSH is ideal for this because the 170 ultra flexible bristles have
comfort round tips, the bristles are flexible so they provide greater comfort in detangling/styling/treating, the comfort grip handle provides easier handling, and the stand-up design is great for allowing the brush to dry better after use especially if used for moisture treatments in the bath or salon.

Finally to keep hair looking great YEAR-ROUND, be sure to keep up with routine salon appointments and trust your salon professional (or contact for product recommendations for your hair type).  Avoid mixing and matching and self-prescribing if you're not sure.  This leads to expensive shopping and products that may not be right for your hair type, or other professional services provided for you. There's no need to get lost down the health and beauty aisles when our team of professionals is here to help.


LONGER HAIR:  A classic ponytail is always a quick solution because it keeps hair gathered close to the scalp area, minimizing the appearance of frizz.  If the ends need a little TLC, the Gloss & Toss Shine serum listed above will  help tame those frizzy areas and add a little polish and shine.  A little goes a long way.  If you want to conceal the ends of the hair, simply wrap those loose ends (as neatly or as carelessly as you'd like) around the ponytail hair tie and secure these placed pieces with a few bobbi pins.

For shorter hair types, focus on the front areas on your own
and allow back sections to air-dry on their own. Victoria
(pictured here) has been a color client of mine for years and
for this style/hair type I suggest Gloss & Toss Prep, Root Lift,
our Shine serum if you feel you need it, as well as our Flex
Versatile styling hairspray.  MAGICAL RESULTS!! 

SHORTER HAIR:   Wash and Go.  We love the Sea Salt Spray because it adds a little texture (not smooth) to hair and it's quick and easy.  Finishing with our Flex Spray helps give lightweight hold and flexible styling results.  If you traditionally blow-dry your hair in this category and you're fighting frizz, simply dry the front 1/4 area and allow the back to air dry naturally.  We recommend applying our Sea Salt Spray to the back areas and allowing to air dry.  Using a scrunching technique will add fullness to these back areas if desired.

LEFT to RIGHT:  Mark Steines
(host), Billy Lowe & Debbie
Matenopoulos (host) on the
Home and Family Show. Air
date Friday July 28, 2017.
FINALLY - thanks to the amazing Mark Steines and Debbie Matenopoulos for hosting such a great segment which answered so many of those viewer questions.  I'm a huge fan of the show and happy to answer remaining questions and continue beauty tips and ideas we may not have had time for on-air.


Please continue watching the Hallmark Home and Family Show and tell a friend about this amazing program.   Weekdays at 10Am (check local listings for details).


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