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Best Wedding Hair Tips and Healthy Hair on your Wedding Day

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Bridal Hair:  Best hair products and hair tips for your wedding day and hair style ideas from Billy Lowe and Gloss & Toss Hair Products. 

Hair styles and healthy hair for your wedding day have probably been on your mind for quite some time.  But for some reason many clients take their hair and makeup into their own hands and often  You've planned this day (or many of you have) since you were six years old.  Now this article isn't a magic wand trick nor a quick-fix for an overnight catastrophe.  Healthy hair means taking care of your hair (and scalp) on a daily basis, and setting up systems that work for you.  It also means getting in for those routine appointments leading up to your wedding and a few other essentials that we hope will prove to be helpful.  Consider this your Healthy Hair Countdown.

1.  Healthy Hair Countdown might look like this.  If you wanted to grow your hair out (depending on how much), you'll want to start that a year or more ahead of your wedding date.   By 3-6 months out you shouldn't be too far off course for what you're hoping to see on the actual day.  The biggest mistake people make is making major changes to their hair a day or two (or even a week or two) before their wedding day.  Many times brides
make a last minute decision to get bangs or to change their hair color right before their wedding and this if often a disaster.  A few months out is a great time to finalize any cut or color changes so you're not doing that a week (or even a day) before your wedding.  Avoid cutting or coloring your hair the day before your wedding.  Hair needs time to relax and heal in order to look its best.  1-2 weeks out is about the right window for those last salon services and MINOR touch-ups to be sure your hair is looking its best. The major work should have been done months in advance to pave the way for the results you want.

2.  Don't self prescribe.  Many times clients and customers visit their favorite retail stores and get lost in the flurry of on-shelf items without consulting their salon professional.  Why would you trust your salon professional with your cut and color services and NOT trust them with your hair products?  Truly it makes sense for customers to trust the person who has a relationship with their hair and understands their hair needs better than anyone.  Trust your salon professional for your hair styling tools, products and other accessories.

3.  Book your wedding hair stylist in advance and be sure to secure a run through appointment as well as a deposit for the actual wedding day services.  So many times people wait until the last minute to book a stylist for their special day.  As fate would have it - the stylist is already  booked out or perhaps on vacation on your special day.  Want to secure the best look for your wedding day?  Ask your salon professional for advice and ask in advance what you should do so you're not left at the last minute pulling ideas together or relying on your bridesmaids to help with your hair.

4.  Create a look-book.  Yes it's perfectly fine to collect ideas and inspirations for your wedding day. This is a fun and exciting opportunity to collect ideas, dream big, plan ahead and see what's possible or not with your hair type or style.  It also gives you an inside scoop of what's happening in the world of wedding hair, makeup, locations, attire, and so forth.  This will be a fun part of your wedding and memory book making and exciting to reflect on years from now.  Add buzz words to your inspirations.  Jot down words you think about or ideas you have so you not only share a visual with your hair stylist or makeup artist, but you're also able to share words you've thought of that actually DESCRIBE what you're seeing.

5. Plan a preview/run through and make it fun.  This is time to play, explore, experiment.  Don't take your run-through so seriously.  It's time for you to make suggestions and to TAKE suggestions.  Not just from the stylist but also friends and family who perhaps know you better than anyone.  Many clients have unrealistic expectations for wedding hair and makeup and I always suggest keeping it simple.  The more natural you look, and the more LIKE YOU that you look, you'll most likely cherish those photos and memories for years to come rather than looking back on photos and saying "What was I thinking?"    (as you hear the record scratch in the background!).

And finally - work with a hair stylist and makeup artist that understands what the camera sees.  People will capture memories - the camera will capture the reality. While there are many great hair stylists and makeup artists out there be sure you're working with someone who understands the camera and what the camera sees.  Tell your hair stylist not to be afraid to "step in" for last looks while everyone is lined up for that perfect shot.  That pesky fly-away hair will ruin your photo for sure.

Suggested hair products for your wedding day from Gloss & Toss:

  1. Dry Shampoo to revive dull or lifeless hair throughout the day and add texture to hair
  2. Detangle Brush to detangle, prep, add volume, and general styling
  3. Flex Spray Versatile Hairspray to keep hair looking its best and in place without feeling sticky, heavy or tacky
  4. Root Lift for added volume and fullness for your hair without falling flat or feeling weighed down

If you're looking for hair and makeup in southern California or you're planning a wedding anywhere at all, our team of talented hair and makeup artists can make this day extra special for you through our years of expertise in wedding hair and makeup and we look forward to working with you.

Please visit is at for more information about your special day, your budget, number of attendees and participants in your wedding, date, time, etc.

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