Friday, March 24, 2017

Best Hair Tips in Humid Weather - Fight Frizz and Humidity

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With a few hair tips you can fight frizz and poofy hair in humid weather and reduce the effects of humidity in your beauty routine.

For many people, humidity is a friend to their hair or overall beauty ritual.  For most, it's absolutely dreadful.  The thick, heavy air, the dampness on the skin, and the gradual swelling of hair until it's out of control "big hair."  Do not pass go, do not collect $200, run straight away to your nearest beauty counter and lacquer down baby.  The tornado just touched down in Kansas.

So what's the big fuss?  Well it depends on your hair type and it largely depends on what you're used to.  If you're accustomed to humidity, many people throw their hands up and say "this is just what it is."  If not, you're probably ready to throw on a baseball cap and have a ponytail sort of day.  So let's start with a few thoughts.

Curly or wavy hair.  Many people with curly or wavy hair LOVE humid weather conditions and they rarely use a brush or comb.  They often enjoy the fullness and relaxed look and feel and for once, something is working for them and not against them.  With a little styling cream, a scrunching application and perhaps a light hold spray, they're off and ready in a flash.
 But if they are looking for a straight, smooth, blown-out result, humidity can definitely affect the results.


For thicker fuller  hair, humidity is often so dreadful.  These clients not only have a lot of hair but they are faced with the time it takes to style, the heat while styling, and the effects of heat and humidity afterwards.  For this hair type it's either a shorter hair style or the never-ending ponytail or messy bun just to keep hair off the neck and shoulders to keep the body cool.

When your body heats up, you may perspire which will throw your whole hair and makeup application into a tailspin.  So here are some quick tips no matter your hair type to keep you cool, to keep the sweat off the brow, and to speed up your style efforts.

1.  WORK QUICKLY.  Blow-dry your hair loosely and quickly at first just to remove the moisture.  Use a cool shot as needed to keep yourself cool.

2.  BLOW-DRY HAIR IN UPSIDE DOWN MANNER.  This keeps heat off of neck and shoulders and keeps body cooler.

3.  TAKE A SEAT.  If you need to, take a seat while you style your hair.  It will help you stay relaxed and maybe a little cooler.

4.  WORK IN AN OPEN AREA.  There's nothing worse than a matchbox bathroom with the steam from the shower on the windows and the hair dryer going at the same time.  Yuck.  Work in an open and ventilated area to keep your body cool.

5.  PRODUCTS TO USE:  It wouldn't be a post here without a few Gloss & Toss Hair Product suggestions so here they are.

Prep - lightweight leave in conditioner and detangler to smooth hair and add strength/shine.

Shine - hair serum to speed up your blow-dry time or provide a "wash and go" look

Flex Spray - Versatile styling hairspray with Provitamin B5 for strength and shine.  This spray also helps resist moisture and humidity effects on the hair.  All available online.

I hope you've enjoyed these tips and that you have gorgeous hair results this season and beyond.

Billy Lowe
Hair Stylist & Gloss & Toss Founder

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