Friday, February 17, 2017

Bridal Hair Styling California

Billy Lowe judges BEST OF THE BAY with Stephanie Jones Bridal Hair Stylist showcasing her artistic creation

Bridal Hair Styling is truly an art.  When it comes to BRIDAL HAIR, I can't think of a better artist than Stephanie Jones.  Stephanie specializes in bridal hair and bridal hair styling in the central coast.  So how did we meet?  Check it out. 

I was invited to judge a BEST OF THE BAY (San Francisco) - Bridal Hair Showcase in San Francisco along with another hair colleague a few years ago and a certain talent stood out among the rest.  Her name - Stephanie Jones.  Flawless makeup, black nails, blood-red dress and hair lifted to the max.  She didn't miss a beat explaining her vision for gorgeous bridal hair and the endless creations she's brought to life in her artistry and passion for beautiful bridal hair.   Each section of the model's hair was perfectly placed, formed, and structured.  Stephanie moved around the model and showcase description as light as a feather yet her passion was firm and unwavering.  Even I was a bit intimidated, I must say!

The result?  A TRUE WINNER.   However, one minor technicality kept her from winning the overall contest but to me I knew she was the BEST bridal hair stylist I had ever met.  She was THE most buttoned up contestant, THE most prepared expert, and THE most reliable hair stylist I could possibly hope for to lead the next generation in hair stylists and leading beauty experts. NEED I SAY MORE?

Through the years Stephanie (Steph) and I have become dear friends and I live vicariously through her world of beauty, vision and love of the islands (Hawaii).   While we enter another wedding season it's a time of reflection, artistic consideration, and gratitude for all of the beauty experts - EVERYWHERE - who make the world beautiful.

To my good friend Steph Jones - your work, to me, is that to be adored.  Keep going.   You shine among all stars.

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Yours in beauty,

Billy Lowe

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