Thursday, January 05, 2017

Best Beauty Tips for Winter - Healthy Hair and Skin during winter months

Meeting Vivant Skin Care:

Healthy hair and skin is on everyone's mind during harsh winter weather as well as all year round.   Though I've been in the hair industry for many years, one of my biggest passions has been skincare through the years and corporately I used to manage several global beauty brands in sales and marketing.  I would argue to say it's where I gained a lot of insight into the retail world, cosmetics manufacturing and branding.  I've always loved it.

Believe it or not, I was one of those kids who struggled with acne for many years.  I tried everything and bought into everything as a teen from harsh facial scrubs to mint masks, alcohol on cotton balls and harsh astringents all with no success.  What I didn't realize was that I was probably overdoing it many years ago and not focusing on the basics of good skincare which is truly routine daily maintenance.

Today, I had the good fortune of sitting down to lunch with Ms. Sara Fulton (after a cut and style by yours truly), the founder of Vivant Skin Care along with her husband Dr. James Fulton.  Her passion for radiant skin truly shines through (and yes we drank water with our meal today).  Little did I know, Vivant Skin Care focuses on beautiful skin on many levels including acne prone skin.  Skin care solutions for acne are important I can personally attest.  Vivant Skin Care has
spent a lifetime helping people from all walks of life live comfortably in their own skin and has helped many begin on a very basic level to teach them the importance of a daily skincare routine to last them a lifetime.

So just what are some basic skin care tips that I captured today from Sara especially during the winter months?

1.  We laughed together when I told her how much I love a hot shower.  She encouraged me to be careful of that because hot showers can really dehydrate the skin and cause discomfort as well.  She emphasized the importance of facial and body care (yes head-to-toe) especially during harsh weather conditions.

2.  Drink plenty of fluids.  Sara believes in drinking plenty of water year-round to keep skin (and body) healthy and radiant.

3.  Be careful of inside temperatures.  Keeping inside heat set too high can dehydrate the skin.  Consider using humidifiers or perhaps leaving a window cracked here or there to allow some moisture.  Another good tip we've learned is to keep a pot of water near a heating source (or perhaps on the stove) to keep some levels of moisture evaporating into the air.

4.  For our youth - consult a physician (and certainly visit Vivant Skin Care online) and begin your skincare ritual as soon as possible.

There you'll find more information about where to buy, local carriers, and so much more for healthy, radiant skin this season and beyond. It was truly a "highlight" of my day and my career to get to meet someone like Sara Fulton especially as I had heard of Vivant Skin Care through the years.  Looks like I'll be adding some new pieces to my own daily ritual and I'm excited to add these from Vivant Skin Care.

For more information on Vivant Skin Care visit online at

Yours in beauty,

Billy Lowe
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