Sunday, January 22, 2017

How to Detangle Hair - Best Tips for Detangling

Detangling hair and finding the best detangle brush for hair is a challenge many clients face.  If you have long hair or thick/coarse hair types, tangled tresses can be a daily chore.  But through the years I've found some great ways that work for me when styling hair and ways that make brushing your hair a more comfortable process.

1.  Separate hair with fingers first.  Whether your hair is wet or dry, separate hair with fingers working around all sections and separate as much as you can with your fingers.  Avoid pulling and tugging.  Dividing hair and separating in this manner puts less stress on the hair in the various sections from root to ends.

2.  If your hair is dry - work through detangling as much as you can in this stage first.  Avoid getting hair wet when it's already tangled and don't spray "slip and slide" products into hair until you've worked through this dry stage as much as possible.  When hair is wet use detangling mists or conditioners.  Once you've worked through detangling process, lightly shampoo or rinse if needed (in a standing-up position).

3.  Stand up - When you shampoo, condition, or brush hair, do so in a standing manner.  This prevents hair from gathering at the scalp area and prevents additional stress on hair.   When shampooing, start at the scalp area and lather well using fingertips.  Avoid gathering hair to the scalp area as well as round and round shampooing motions through the ends of hair as this can lead to more tangling.  The cleansing effects that begin at the scalp can gently be massaged through the mid shaft and ends as you work.

4.  We've all heard - start at the ends first.  Whether wet or dry, it's always best to begin your brushing or detangling process at then ends first (start with step 1 - finger sectioning) and work your way up to the scalp area.  This prevents further detangling and stressing hair. When hair is wet remember to use or apply leave-in conditioners or detangling mists to help create more slip when brushing or detangling.  Many salon clients also suggest detangling hair

5. The basics - Use salon recommended products and be sure you see your salon professional for routine hair care appointments.  Damaged and brittle hair or ends can cause further stress and lead to more tangling. Avoid cutting your own hair  and consult your salon professional as she or he may have suggested tips for your hair type as well.

And finally during the above 5 tips - if you are using detangling sprays or conditioning products - these are to be used on WET HAIR because they help create more slip on wet hair.  Spraying products on dry hair can cause greater tension.  And certainly it's always a great and final suggestion on longer hair types to braid or gather hair before sleeping.

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Yours in beauty,

Billy Lowe
Hollywood Hair Stylist
Founder of Gloss & Toss Hair Care

Thursday, January 05, 2017

Best Beauty Tips for Winter - Healthy Hair and Skin during winter months

Meeting Vivant Skin Care:

Healthy hair and skin is on everyone's mind during harsh winter weather as well as all year round.   Though I've been in the hair industry for many years, one of my biggest passions has been skincare through the years and corporately I used to manage several global beauty brands in sales and marketing.  I would argue to say it's where I gained a lot of insight into the retail world, cosmetics manufacturing and branding.  I've always loved it.

Believe it or not, I was one of those kids who struggled with acne for many years.  I tried everything and bought into everything as a teen from harsh facial scrubs to mint masks, alcohol on cotton balls and harsh astringents all with no success.  What I didn't realize was that I was probably overdoing it many years ago and not focusing on the basics of good skincare which is truly routine daily maintenance.

Today, I had the good fortune of sitting down to lunch with Ms. Sara Fulton (after a cut and style by yours truly), the founder of Vivant Skin Care along with her husband Dr. James Fulton.  Her passion for radiant skin truly shines through (and yes we drank water with our meal today).  Little did I know, Vivant Skin Care focuses on beautiful skin on many levels including acne prone skin.  Skin care solutions for acne are important I can personally attest.  Vivant Skin Care has

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