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Healthy Hair and Scalp | Winter Hair Tips and Care

Healthy Hair and Scalp | Gloss & Toss founder and Beverly Hills Hair Stylist Billy Lowe discusses HEALTHY HAIR TIPS on the Hallmark Home and Family Show.

Old Man Winter seems to keep doing his thing with rain, cold temperatures, and frosty windshields that just don't seem to let up.  But this season, salons are all a buzz on helping clients have healthier looking hair and scalp.    From deep conditioning treatments to routine hair cuts,  the best hair serums to take home products, clients everywhere want to look and feel their best during the holiday season and certainly during harsh winter weather.  

Hair and Skin are both more sensitive and can feel a lot more delicate during these colder climates and keeping those tresses taken care of is key if you want them to look good for spring break and summertime fun in the sun.  

Tune into the HALLMARK HOME AND FAMILY SHOW TUESDAY DECEMBER 20, 2016 where I'll share some quick and easy remedies and treatments you can get with …