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Fluorescent Hair - Glow in the dark hair - with Celebrity Hair Stylist Billy Lowe Beverly Hills

Best hair trends being seen today?  Yes - fluorescent hair!

Fluorescent Hair is not as easy as it looks but lots of people are talking about it for holiday parties and gatherings.   Occasionally the Hallmark Home and Family Show invites me for a fun and exciting segment and this one was a little challenging but we got through it.

In a traditional set-up, I'd highlight certain areas then tone those specific areas with a glow-in-the-dark toner then rinse out.  This one I did on dry hair for time sake then removed with spray and a soft cloth.  Not  ideal - but we weren't equipped with a full salon set up.   However we got through it and the results were super fun.

To protect this look we recommend the following key items from Gloss & Toss.  

GLOSS & TOSS PREP to help hydrate and nourish the color application. A lightweight detangler and moisture spray to smooth hair and protect from thermal and environmental damage.

GLOSS & TOSS SHINE to smooth and protect hair from t…