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Inspirations and Celebrations dishes wintertime hair

Wintertime hair tips and how to protect your hair in winter weather.  Gorgeous hair is possible all year round and I was able to sit down with Inspirations and Celebrations to share a few great hair tips for winter and ways to keep your hair looking healthy, shiny and strong all year round.

As the seasons change, so does our wardrobe, our skincare needs, our housing temperature, and of course the needs of our hair care products from day to day.  Fortunately there are amazing beauty experts out there that keep us informed of what's new and what's next.

Please check out how to take care of your hair in winter by the amazing blog writer Christina-Lauren Pollack.    Inspirations and Celebrations is a great site featuring lots of beauty and lifestyle articles and we're excited that Gloss & Toss was part of this segment on how to care for your hair during the winter.

Check out her article here on ho…