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Grammys 2016 hair tips and tools

The Grammys 2016 were awesome this year and amazingly colorful.  From the live video with Gwen Stefani to David Bowie tributes by Lady Gaga - the screen looked more like color smatterings from Alice in Wonderland or Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.  Hair rocked as always from amazing wigs and hats to new and shorter styles ranging from sleek and sophisticated to choppy bobs.  The look:  EASY TO ACHIEVE.

We're seeing a lot of shoulder length hair with a more "distressed" looking curl and flat ends.  To get this look, all you need is a curling iron, flat iron, and a few products.  

Shampoo & condition hair as you normally would, apply Gloss & Toss shine serum (available at as well as Amazon), blow-dry smooth and prep hair for curls.  Wrap hair only through the mid-sections and leave ends out.  This will give a nice wave or undulation effect through he middle of the hair.  When that's done - tap the ends of the hair with a flat-iron.   …