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SAG AWARDS 2016 - Four Seasons Gift Bags includes Gloss & Toss hair serum.

Well another awards show is over and I'm coming down off of a long weekend of fun, excitement, and more.  it's not that often that opportunities like this come along, but my brand GLOSS & TOSS was asked to participate in the Four Seasons SAG Awards Gift Bags for "room-drops" and celebrities and press staying there during the 2016 SAG AWARDS.  Press releases went out this weekend and we were included in the story and magazines, news publications and other media outlets across the country picked up the excitement.

We were included among many of other A-List products in these amazing gift bags and celebrities are already talking.  Last year the NATIONAL EXAMINER covered us in a Mother's Day Give-Away Bonanza and this year they received the gift bags as well as a host of other celebrities and VIP's.  If you look at my post from a couple of days ago, there's a full list of eve…