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5 signs that you are damaging your hair!

ARE YOU DAMAGING YOUR HAIR?  We often forget basic day-to-day CARE for our hair.  We lead busy lives and get caught up in our schedules and goings on that our hair takes a beating.  From pony tails to abrupt drying, there are some signs that you are not taking care of your hair in the best possible way.   Here they are.

1.  Breakage around the hairline or at the occipital area.  Too many people pull hair back in a quick ponytail and often pull too taught.  This tension can cause breakage around the face line as well as the occipital area - especially if you aren't using the right hair ties.  I recommend padded hair ties and keeping less tension throughout.

2.  Fading or uneven tones.  If you're in the sun a lot or exposed to elements, it's important to use the right products, tools and services for your hair to prevent fading and damage.  Products with sunflower help protect against UV exposure, and conditioning masks and serums help protect natural hair color as well as …

Which hair cut is right for my face shape?

WHICH HAIR CUT IS RIGHT FOR MY FACE SHAPE?    We might also ask - Which hair STYLE is right for my face shape.    Oval, Square, Pear, Heart, does it even matter?  

Yes there are some basic rules of "symmetry" (I like to say flattery) that we should keep in mind. In the illustrations beLOWE - please see some basic ideas of where hair should be cut, or an idea of the direction your hair should take based on a few of these face shapes.

HEART:  You probably have a full forehead area and a pointed, elongated chin area.   Side swept bangs work very well, and fullness around the jawline.

SQUARE:   You probably have full jawline and forehead area.  You're looking for softness throughout so ask for ROUND LAYERS.

ROUND:    Full features throughout.  You're looking for length, contour, softness.   Avoid "the bob" hair cut as this will make everything look more round.

PEAR:       Full jawline area, smaller forehead area.     You will do well with contouring around the …