Friday, December 09, 2016

Hair and Scalp Treatment - Hair and Scalp Healing Oil - Best Beauty Stocking Stuffers

Best Beauty Stocking Stuffers for 2016. I'm thrilled that Gloss & Toss Hair & Scalp Healing Oil was named among 5 hot products to capture this year for great stocking stuffers for those on your list (or perhaps yourself!).

Hair and Scalp Treatments are a must during cooler seasons, or more harsh weather conditions to keep hair looking its best.  For silky smooth results, hair stylists everywhere recommend professional services in salon to hydrate, nourish and condition hair, to protect the integrity of color treated hair, and as an excellent add-on for routine maintenance. Hair oils can be used either at room temperature or as hot oil treatments to condition hair and keep it looking healthy.

I'm thrilled this year that Gloss & Toss launched its own hair and scalp treatment called HAIR & SCALP HEALING OIL.  This all natural product is great for all hair types that need extra moisture remedies and conditioning.   Consisting of sweet almond oil, soybean oil, and peppermint oil, clients can use this hair and scalp treatment in the following manner for optimal results:

Pour a palm full of the Hair & Scalp Healing Oil and massage into dry hair and scalp paying close attention to more brittle areas of the hair.  Leave on for 3-5 minutes and shampoo/condition as needed.

For a deeper moisture mask, apply 5-10 drops to a daily conditioner or deep conditioning product and leave on for 5-10 minutes.  Many salon professionals suggesting wrapping treatment on hair in a warm, wet towel during the setting phase.  

After time is up for the treatment (in any method used), rinse well, shampoo thoroughly, and condition as needed.  Style in normal manner or allow hair to air dry naturally so as to reduce thermal styling at this time.

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Customers love the HAIR & SCALP HEALING OIL from Gloss & Toss® and we hope you do as well.    This product is available online for $24.95 by visiting WWW.GLOSSANDTOSS.NET