Monday, May 02, 2016

Should I tip my hair stylist if they own the salon???

OK - Let me debunk this horrible myth. Since I own my own practice, I get asked this all of the time at the end of a transaction whether or not the client should tip.  I say yes!  

Clients who don't tip the business owner/stylist are a rare breed but let me explain why this misconception even got started. YEARS ago when salons were larger and hired tons of hair stylists, the salon owner/stylist made money hand over fist, taking 40%, 50% or even more from their beauty operators. These commission splits helped offset expenses (rent, supplies, salaries, etc) and there became an unwritten idea that you don't tip Your hair stylist if they own the salon. In cases like yesteryear there is some validity (however we always appreciate our generous tippers). Today, the map of salon ownership and freelancing has completely changed with more and more people working independently. 20-30% of my annual income comes from gratuities and we rely on those gratuities immensely. Our scissors alone can cost $500 or more and with today's hair color and other supply costs rising, these expenses come right out of our own pockets (not the salon owner). Think about those great shampoos, those fabulous little extras that your salon owner throws you from time to time. BE GENEROUS. BE A GRACIOUS GIVER. It always comes back to you. Let me clarify,,, this doesn't mean just leave a tip to the salon owner at random,,, it's to clarify any questions on whether or not you should tip your hairstylist if they own the salon or their own business. Dedicated to all of my colleagues around the world. Billy Lowe.