Thursday, March 03, 2016

Amy Smart shops Cruelty Free | Gloss and Toss Leaping Bunny Certified

Amy Smart Hair by Billy Lowe & Gloss & Toss

Amy Smart shops Cruelty Free.   It's not every day that we see or hear the support from leading Hollywood experts on Cruelty Free campaigns.  Amy Smart is one of the latest sharing her voice and thoughts about cruelty-free shopping and why it's so important.  I'm thrilled to align with Leaping Bunny myself in that Gloss & Toss is Leaping Bunny certified, aligning with countless other brands who stand by no animal testing in their developments.  Not only is the "end product" not tested on animals, but the labs, vendors, and suppliers must also comply with no animal testing and cruelty-free production in the every step of the process.
When I developed Gloss & Toss, I knew I wanted to stand by the "no animal testing" philosophy.  What I've learned is that over the years, most things have been tested on animals - even water, right? But the continued use of products and ingredients to be tested on animals is cruel and so unnecessary anymore. 

For more information on brands that are Leaping Bunny certified, simply log onto for  more information.  

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