Thursday, January 21, 2016

5 signs that you are damaging your hair!

ARE YOU DAMAGING YOUR HAIR?  We often forget basic day-to-day CARE for our hair.  We lead busy lives and get caught up in our schedules and goings on that our hair takes a beating.  From pony tails to abrupt drying, there are some signs that you are not taking care of your hair in the best possible way.   Here they are.

1.  Breakage around the hairline or at the occipital area.  Too many people pull hair back in a quick ponytail and often pull too taught.  This tension can cause breakage around the face line as well as the occipital area - especially if you aren't using the right hair ties.  I recommend padded hair ties and keeping less tension throughout.

2.  Fading or uneven tones.  If you're in the sun a lot or exposed to elements, it's important to use the right products, tools and services for your hair to prevent fading and damage.  Products with sunflower help protect against UV exposure, and conditioning masks and serums help protect natural hair color as well as professionally color treated hair.  Uneven tones can also come from DIY hair color or "over the counter" applications.  Clients attempt at-home hair color and application can be uneven or spotty in areas they can't see or reach.  Additionally, too many clients pull color through incorrectly or too long and color oversaturated through the ends causing color to be too dark on the ends.

3.  Easily tangled hair.  Clients often go to bed with wet hair  or without brushing and hair becomes knotted in various areas of the head.  This is often seen in the nape area.  It's always best to braid hair or put up before bed to prevent tangles and tugging during the night.  Satin (or softer material) pillowcases are also available to help with this.

4.  Dry, brittle looking hair.  Unhealthy looking hair is very obvious.  It's no secret that many people use too much heat on their hair either through blow-drying or other styling hot tools.  Give your hair a break once in a while.  It's also helpful to add a conditioning treatment with your salon professional several times a year to keep hair looking its best.  There are also many wonderful at-home products that you can purchase from your salon professional to use on your own.  Don't overdo it.  Over conditioning can be just as unhealthy for hair as a lack of conditioning treatments.  DON'T SMOKE.  Smoke builds up in hair and affects the life and luster of the finished product.

5.  Hair loss.  There are many contributing factors to hair loss that clients have shared with me through the years and some that I have experienced hearing from medical or other industry experts.  Stress, diet, child birth, hormonal changes and so forth all affect hair loss just as much as lack of care.  Women that have just given birth often experience breakage around the hairline and turn to nutritional supplements pre & post pregnancy to keep hair & nail strong.    The first thing I encourage  is to consult a medical professional.  They can help answer any questions you may have on a medical level.  Personally, I believe in the old commercial "Milk does a body good."   I think it's good for our hair, skin, teeth and bones.   I have had many clients throughout the years who are professional athletes and their body fat count is so low that it affects the strength of their hair. In many of my beauty consultations, I ask people if they drink milk and the ones that DO - usually have the healthiest looking skin and hair.

As always, before DIY efforts, I recommend consulting your salon professional (or medical professional if needed) to research your concerns.  Take it easy on your hair.  It's not just a thing of beauty, our hair helps protect and it's one of our greatest "accessories."  You can't put it away at the end of the day (unless it's a hair piece).  All humor aside, if you are experiencing any of these signs, chances are - your hair is damaged and you need some help.

Yours in beauty,