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My Life Coach - "Mama June"

We all need a mentor.  We all need a coach.  To me that means having someone to take me by the hand, and walk me through experiences I couldn't have done (or known about) on my own.  It means someone who has already walked through the coals and wants to show me a shortcut to save me some time, or potential harm to myself or others.  It means having someone who knows something a bit more than I do who can impart wisdom, guidance and direction.  It also means having someone to push me beyond what I thought I was capable of doing.   I am lucky enough to have such a person in my life and had the chance to visit her this weekend.  

Many years ago my father pastored a church in a small southern community in Georgia.  Daddy had his hands full with 6 of us kids at home, my mom who could barely keep up with laundry, cooking, cleaning, and "the daily grind."   And while things probably got a little overwhelming at times, we kids were never made to feel that we were a burden.  Da…