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Ways to save water - California Drought

It's no secret that California is in trouble.  From water saving tips to "California Gold" campaigns, Californians are aware that we need to do something.  No one uses more water than hair stylists.  From shampoos to treatments, even washing our mixing bowls I see so much water waste not just at home, but in the salon as well.   With these great tips, who better than salon professionals to educate clients and partner with California's missions and messaging to conserve water.  
When you need hot water, use faucets closest to your hot water heater.   Hot water has less distance to travel in this manner and you waste less water waiting for it to reach you.  Remind yourself and your family.  Use a note system at your water sources to stay water-wise.   Turn water pressure down whenever possible.  Turn off water while brushing your teeth or saving.  This is extremely helpful in all instances.  While waiting on shower water to heat up, save running water in a large pitche…