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How to look younger with the right hair style | beauty tips | hair tips

How to look younger with the right hair style.

Yes - you can take years away with the right shape, color and professional services and products.  I've always loved the side swept bang and dramatic parts and heavier distribution of hair to one side.  This look on Cameron Diaz is perfect.  WebMD covered some tips I shared on different cuts and styles and while I don't cut a lot of short hair  - this look on Ms. Diaz is "sick."

Sideswept bangs help distract the viewer's eye out and away from some of those "troubled spots" or fine lines and wrinkles.

Soft fringe around the faceline adds texture, dimension and a youthful look without looking too teenage-ish.

Deep parts add sophistication and drama.   My team loves them.

Color, Color Color.  Cover up the grey, add dimension, and lots of shine.    Don't forget your Gloss & Toss for great hair and styling options.

Ask your salon professional for highlights and low-lights to give distance and dimen…

Mrs. United States Pageant | Pageants in the United States

We would like to take time to congratulate the ladies of the Mrs. United States pageant in Las Vegas this weekend and say THANK YOU for your commitment to talent, beauty, and ambition.   We know that pageants are so much more than a walk on the runway.  The "Mrs." category of pageants holds an even greater level of commitment to life, service, and authenticity.    Congratulations ladies.  Enjoy your time in Vegas and enjoy Gloss & Toss.  Available online at