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Hollywood Makeover | Beyond the Acorn Magazine

Once in a while I get calls to coordinate makeover events for a deserving individual.  Some clients travel far and wide for a makeover opportunity and I have worked on countless reality makeover shows through the years as well as shared key beauty tips and techniques with writers and media sources from around the world.  I think I can say with some authority, that I have the makeover experience "down pat."  Um, did I mention I LOVE makeovers?

There's a magic moment in "the reveal" where the makeover candidate gets to see herself (or himself) for the first time after the makeover and it's that split second that you wish could last a lifetime.  There's excitement, tears, laughter, and such an overwhelming explosion of feelings and emotions that I find priceless.

I pitched a makeover to BEYOND THE ACORN MAGAZINE and the team loved it.  We opened the table for submissions for a makeover candidate and so many wonderful stories came in from family, friends,…

French Market Place Los Angeles | West Hollywood

Well I'm bummed ----- but actually pleased.

The French Market Place West Hollywood, which has been a long time West Hollywood staple, is now closed.   Home to Hollywood A-Listers, Hollywood Yesteryear talent, the homeless (hahahah) and us normal folk too, the French Market Place served its clients with excellence and pride for many years (many decades hello).

While no one truly knows what's going to happen (I suspect a tear-down and ridiculous building of something other than our culture), we are all adjusting to the neighborhood shake-down and many of its long-time patrons are finding other places to dine, socialize and hang out.  

May we introduce you to Marco's Restaurant West Hollywood, for example.   OMG, I have to tell you.  I LOVE IT HERE.   They have ample seating, it's a light-filled room, and outstanding service and did I forget to mention - MAMA'S AMAZING RECIPES?    

Please try them out today by visiting 8200 Santa Monica Boulevard West Hollywood, CA…

Mrs. United States Beauty Pageant Las Vegas, Nevada | Annual Beauty Pageant

The Mrs. United States beauty pageant is right around the corner and I am so thrilled that Gloss and Toss was asked to participate. Not only will we be there in spirit and beauty, each of the ladies will receive Gloss and Toss products and other "goodies" as they compete for the title of Mrs. united States.

The Mrs. United States pageant is the largest pageant in this category (for married ladies).  Held at the South Point Hotel and Casino in Vegas, this summer's pageant will boast beauty and talent nationwide. Don't miss the coverage and social media by sharing or hashtagging #mrsunitedstates and #glossandtoss