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Organizing your beauty products at home

Organizing your beauty products can seem like a total chore.  So many people have pantries and vanities full of products that are rarely used (and many have expired).  But we all have our "top picks" and products that we use day to day just as we do a favorite bath towel, or reaching for our favorite pair of shoes.  The main idea here is to keep those faves at arms' reach.  

One great way to do this is shelving over or around the sink area and organizing those "fast finds" in small containers or baskets.  Small drawer units also work well for sorting things out like cotton balls, Q-Tips, or fingernail items.  

The Container store has lots of organizational systems for your beauty items including stackable and customizable units that can be arranged in many ways to suit your beauty storage needs.  We found the Like-It Bricks Manicure Storage which can hold all sorts of beauty items and accessories and larger storage baskets can help store larger beauty items lik…

Hallmark Home and Family Show | Summertime Hair Tips | Billy Lowe

Best Hair Tips for Summer - Hallmark Home and Family Show:

Hair tips in the summer? Just how can we keep those tresses looking great without even more heat? Sometimes it's a classic ponytail or a baseball cap. But these great hair tips will keep hair feeling "styled" and manageable while helping you keep your cool.

Hair Style Tips For This Look:

Shampoo and Condition hair with Gloss & Toss Daily Nourish DuoMist with Prep - Leave-In Conditioner and Treatment SprayApply 1-2 drops of Shine Hair Serum (use more or less as needed - a lot less for fine hair types)Brush through with the Gloss & Toss Detangle/Multi-Use BrushBlow-dry hair loosely with fingertips and use a large round brush to dry hair sections at a time (use a smaller barrel if more curl desired)When each section is dry wrap section around fingers and clip to scalp area to secure. When all sections are set and hair is completely dry, mist with Gloss & Toss®  Flex-Spray Versatile styling Hairspray and …