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How to cut your kid's hair - Hallmark Home and Family Show

How should I cut my kid's hair?    It's the question many parents face whether it's a first cut, a second cut, a new look, or simple maintenance.

While I don't see a lot of kids as clients, I have learned some dos and donts through the years.  In this video on the Hallmark Home and Family show - I shared a few fun tips and techniques on how to cut your kids hair!

Keep in mind this doesn't replace professional salon appointments at all!    I ALWAYS recommend a professional visit if nothing else - FOR SAFETY.  

Tip 1.   NEVER USE A BOWL to cut hair.    You'll cut too far over into the sides and create harsh lines

Tip 2.  Use a feather razor to lightly etch away at the bang area if your bangs are too long.  This is much better than cutting straight across and allows you to make a more piecy look - little by little.

Tip 3.  Get down on the child's level so you don't hover!

Tip 4.  Mimic on yourself what you're doing for the child client.  If you pu…