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Another trip to Charlotte

I love traveling!  While I've spent much of my career in airports and on the road, nothing beats getting back to the south once in a while and I've totally fallen in love with Charlotte, NC.  This visit I'll be seeing clients at the prestigious Ballantyne Hotel just outside the city.  A gorgeous hotel with an amazing entrance, fabulous restaurant, and grand rooms and halls, I'm very excited to be working at, and staying at the hotel when I'm there.

Charlotte is a wonderful  community and as I understand it, one of the fastest growing cities today.  I always enjoy getting over to Charlotte for a family that flies me in every 2 months or so for their cut & color services, and certainly can't dismiss the amazing food, kind people, and lots of things to do and see.  As we say in the south, it's a great place to "mosey."  I'll write more while on the road but I am very excited to be there again.   Til next time - stay beautiful.