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Geoffreys Malibu | Easter Sunday Brunch

Family's in town and we had a BLAST at Geoffreys in Malibu Easter Sunday.  Time with family and friends just can't be beat.  I'm super proud of my baby sis who is a realtor in Atlanta, GA and we had some great brother, sister, uncle time this week while she and her daughter were on vacay.   YAY ME.

Geoffreys is the place to be ANYTIME.   Just be sure you call ahead for a reservation and if it's busy, don't expect to be seated earlier than your reservation time.   BUT IT'S TOTALLY WORTH THE WAIT.

Daily Encouragement | Daily Motivation | Gloss And Toss Moments

Daily Motivation

I've worked in Hollywood for many (MANY) years.  Over time many productions (and staff) have experienced what we call "runaway production."  This means that shoots are happening OUTSIDE of the Los Angeles area and often affecting work opportunities for many seasoned production professionals.   This runaway production happens for many different reasons.  Perhaps there was a tax incentive, perhaps the scenery called for shooting in another state, or maybe a filmmaker lived somewhere other than Los Angeles and wanted to shoot in his or her hometown.

In these moments, I realize that Hollywood is more than a sign on a hill.  It is more than The famous Sunset Strip and it is more than Hollywood Boulevard.  Hollywood is actually just an idea.  It is an interpretation of our minds about a destination and it often seems very unreachable.  In some of this brainstorming and thoughts year after year, I've come to realize that Hollywood is actually a place in ou…

Real Estate Agent Atlanta | Sarah Lowe Estates Atlanta

Real Estate Agents in Atlanta | Homes for sale in Atlanta, GA

I'm very excited about the amazing Sarah Lowe (my little sis) for yet another great transaction in the Atlanta area.  When it comes to buying a home in Atlanta, look no further than

Mothers Day Giveaway | National Examiner Gloss And Toss

Gloss and Toss in National Examiner:

Excited that Gloss & Toss is featured in this month's National Examiner Magazine.    Mother's day is right around the corner and what greater gift for mom, daughter, or friend in your life.

Thanks all for your never ending support of our brand, its growth and many stages of development.