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Keep blonde looking bright

Blonde hair can often look dull, dark, and drab.   So here are some great tips on how to keep blonde looking bright, and to get more life out of your highlights or blonde hair color.

1.  An oily scalp can cause blonde hair to look dull or dark.  Often times people go 3-4 days without shampooing hair and then complain that their re-growth is growing in too quickly or that their hair line looks/feels darker than it should.  Oily hair tends to lay flat on the head which also makes hair look darker.

2.  When light passes through hair it helps create a brighter/lighter look.  So volume and space in the hair can help create a lighter look to the scalp/regrowth area.   In tip #1 above, I shared that oily hair lays flatter and has less volume and doesn't allow light to pass through.   So use volumizing serums to "pump it up" and this will help hair look brighter/lighter.  Use hot rollers or set hair in barrel curls to add volume and lift in order that more light (space) can p…

Beauty Store Business | Gloss and Toss feature

We are pleased to announce that Gloss & Toss hair shine serum was featured in the March issue of Beauty Store Business Magazine.  Time and time again, salon professionals everywhere have hailed this signature product as the best hair serum on the market.  We'd certainly like to think so!

Fortified with jojoba, white birch, licorice root and chamomile, Gloss & Toss SHINE is truly a great serum for blow-drying hair, protecting against thermal styling, adding gorgeous polish and shine and so much more.

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