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Working at the supermarket

I occasionally have a funny flashback and this one I remembered well.   I don't know about you but I think bagging groceries is a dying art!

It used to be such a craft and people were really specific about how they wanted their groceries bagged; I personally still am.  I'm the one that has to carry the bags to the car, hope they get there without incident, drive home, and then unload them. I like my groceries bagged a certain way!  I don't want 10 yogurts thrown into a bag with a carton of milk over on its side. Nor do I want my bread on the side of the bag getting bent by the corner of a box of cereal.  Some of these supermarket associates don't even look at they are just throwing things into a bag, leaving me to cringe the entire time.

I remember in high school the kids all wanted to work at the local supermarket and it was sort of a right of passage.  Not that working at a supermarket was so special, but it was truly THE THING to do back home.  At least it was in …