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Hallmark Home And Family Show - Celebrity Hair Tips

Celebrity Hair Tips on the Hallmark Home and Family Show

Hosted by Kym Douglas

Of all the things I've learned through the years both in corporate retail and reality television, PEOPLE LOVE TIPS.    Yes, lots of hair tips, how to's, and show me how's.   Last week I was contacted by my friends at the Hallmark Channel Home and Family Show and asked to do a HOW TO segment on a great blow-out at home.   Now while an 8 minute segment is hardly enough time to run through an entire blow-out, it allowed us a lot of GREAT time to discuss products, tools and accessories needed to achieve the look at home.  Since the segment, I've already gotten a ton of emails and phone calls asking me about where to buy products, how much, how many, or when to use.

Believe it or not, I graduated with a degree in Education before going into the health and beauty business so sharing product knowledge and tips is really a focus for me as a hair stylist and beauty expert.

So just how do you get a …