Saturday, November 07, 2015

Big Kid - Adult Gymnastics Athens, GA

Adult Gymnastics Athens, GA

So I don't know if you know this about me or not - but as a kid, I was a total monkey.  We grew up with a trampoline and I was the BEST on our block at flips, tricks, and jumping the highest.  In 5th grade I started tumbling on the mats and could eventually do round-offs, back handsprings, the bar, and of course, my beloved trampoline.

It was nothing for dad to come home from work and find me in a tree, on top of the house, or swinging from the high-rope in a barn next to our house.  While I live in Beverly Hills, CA, I recently visited my sister in Athens, GA where she takes one of her boys to gymnastics lessons.  It really helps kids (and everyone for that matter) become "body-conscious" and "body assured"  (and gets all that energy out so they're nice and tired for their afternoon naps)  HELLO MAMA-BREAK.

When it was time for the kids and parents to warm up for their morning class, my sister encouraged me to warm up too.  We warmed up on the floor doing light stretching and easy-to-learn moves for the little ones,  and then moved onto some other conditioning exercises.  If you've never been on a gymnastics floor it's the most amazing and comfortable thing.  I wish the earth's floor felt that good.  THEN - we moved to the trampoline exercises (I won't show you that video) but it felt super nice to be flying high again on a bouncing mat, doing back flips and tucks.

AFTER the day's lesson (mind you I haven't taken a gymnastics lesson in almost 10 years at the time of this writing) it was a free for all and of course, the big kid in me wanted to jump into the cushion foam pool.  "GO GO GO"    EVERYONE around me was laughing along.   The above video is the result of a long exercise and gymnastics day, and me returning to the floor - at 40 something years of age.     Care to try it with me next time?

Thank you sis and of course Georgia Elite Gymnastics for making me feel 15 again.  

Yours in beauty (and in health),

Billy Lowe