Tuesday, July 14, 2015

French Market Place Los Angeles | West Hollywood

Well I'm bummed ----- but actually pleased.

The French Market Place West Hollywood, which has been a long time West Hollywood staple, is now closed.   Home to Hollywood A-Listers, Hollywood Yesteryear talent, the homeless (hahahah) and us normal folk too, the French Market Place served its clients with excellence and pride for many years (many decades hello).

While no one truly knows what's going to happen (I suspect a tear-down and ridiculous building of something other than our culture), we are all adjusting to the neighborhood shake-down and many of its long-time patrons are finding other places to dine, socialize and hang out.  

May we introduce you to Marco's Restaurant West Hollywood, for example.   OMG, I have to tell you.  I LOVE IT HERE.   They have ample seating, it's a light-filled room, and outstanding service and did I forget to mention - MAMA'S AMAZING RECIPES?    

Please try them out today by visiting 8200 Santa Monica Boulevard West Hollywood, CA.   YOU'LL BE GLAD YOU DID.  

Delicious.   Thank you Marco's Restaurant.