Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Happy Father's Day

Even though I live so far away from "my old man," it's always fun  to look back on old photos, put some things together and send him and he gets a "big ol' kick" out of all of it.    Basically -my dad is my hero.  We didn't grow up with extravagant things, but we certainly didn't live in poverty.  In fact, I don't think we would have known the difference.  

I come from a very large family both immediate and extended.  My Grandmother had 5 kids (my father's mom) and each of her kids were very close and they all had kids.  Summertime and holiday times at Grandma's house kept us all close and our family has and always will be super connected.

Today technology allows us to piece things together so quickly like photo collages and items to post here or there and it makes sharing memories "a snap."  

To my dad,  the man I thought I didn't want to be anything like, I want so much to walk in your footsteps, as I did when I was a little boy.   I admire you, I honor you, I respect, love and adore you.   You're my friend, my father, and my faithful prayer warrior.   I know I am divinely guided, loved and protected because of you.    It is an honor to be your first born son.  

Your Little Billy