Hair Color Shadowing

So I've been working over the years on a technique called COLOR SHADOWING.   We hear a lot about highlights and what I call "LOWE-lights," but I've always thought, as an artist, that bright always appears brighter in the presence of shadows (or contrast).   Color shadowing is a wonderful technique that I've been practicing for almost 10 years now adding "shadows" in various panels of the hair to accentuate color, create gorgeous dimension, and deliver gorgeous results in the presence of light and dark tones.  

By applying the shadowing effect, I'm pretty aggressive with deeper tones of color.  Most stylists apply lowlights only a level or two darker than the highlight end result.  For me, I use 3, 4, 5 levels of difference to create true "shadows" in the overall end result.  A lot of people confuse lowlights or contrast and interpret that their blonde may be be as blonde, or that the overall result won't be as bright. Not always the case.  It's true deeper tones to create an overall "level difference" but when applied well, the bright appears brighter as a result and I think the grow-out lasts even longer.

Ask your hair stylist about color shadowing or adding (threaded) lowlights (not chunky) to your hair color 3-4 tones DARKER than your highlight result.

HAVE FUN and enjoy the color.

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