Saturday, May 16, 2015

How to cut your kid's hair - Hallmark Home and Family Show

How should I cut my kid's hair?    It's the question many parents face whether it's a first cut, a second cut, a new look, or simple maintenance.

While I don't see a lot of kids as clients, I have learned some dos and donts through the years.  In this video on the Hallmark Home and Family show - I shared a few fun tips and techniques on how to cut your kids hair!

Keep in mind this doesn't replace professional salon appointments at all!    I ALWAYS recommend a professional visit if nothing else - FOR SAFETY.  

Tip 1.   NEVER USE A BOWL to cut hair.    You'll cut too far over into the sides and create harsh lines

Tip 2.  Use a feather razor to lightly etch away at the bang area if your bangs are too long.  This is much better than cutting straight across and allows you to make a more piecy look - little by little.

Tip 3.  Get down on the child's level so you don't hover!

Tip 4.  Mimic on yourself what you're doing for the child client.  If you put a cutting cape on them, put one on yourself as well.  Make it fun.

Tip 5.  Bring snacks to the salon or read a book to the child client while they are having their hair cut.

Tip 6.   COMMUNICATE.   Kids know what's going on.  Keep communication going with them.

For these and other great tips, keep checking back to or my website -

If you're visiting Southern CA and you want your own cut/color appointment, I look forward to hearing from you.

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