Wednesday, April 08, 2015

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Daily Motivation

I've worked in Hollywood for many (MANY) years.  Over time many productions (and staff) have experienced what we call "runaway production."  This means that shoots are happening OUTSIDE of the Los Angeles area and often affecting work opportunities for many seasoned production professionals.   This runaway production happens for many different reasons.  Perhaps there was a tax incentive, perhaps the scenery called for shooting in another state, or maybe a filmmaker lived somewhere other than Los Angeles and wanted to shoot in his or her hometown.

In these moments, I realize that Hollywood is more than a sign on a hill.  It is more than The famous Sunset Strip and it is more than Hollywood Boulevard.  Hollywood is actually just an idea.  It is an interpretation of our minds about a destination and it often seems very unreachable.  In some of this brainstorming and thoughts year after year, I've come to realize that Hollywood is actually a place in our minds almost like Never-Never-Land.  Meaning we can approach it whenever we'd like.

There's nothing like putting on a little music and getting your groove on around the house.  Or perhaps there was just the right music and just the right lighting when you entered a room once and you felt like a million bucks.  That's the same "Hollywood mindset" that I'm talking about and THAT can be attained no matter who you are, no matter where you live.  So there you have it.    Mystery solved.

So throw on some tunes, put on those awesome jeans, open up that sunroof and slap on some shades.  You're fabulous just as you are, wherever you are.