Friday, April 03, 2015

Beyond the Acorn Makeover Contest

Beyond the Acorn Makeover Contest:

Throughout my history as a hair stylist and beauty expert, I've had the opportunity to coordinate many makeovers for product launches, corporate events, TV shows, news segments and so much more.  But this year I'm especially excited to get involved on a local/community level and help coordinate an amazing makeover for one lucky winner living in the Conejo Valley area (see official rules for details by clicking on the link above).

Makeovers are great for anyone.  Whether it's been a while since you've updated your look, or perhaps you're trying to find time in your schedule to pamper yourself, it doesn't take an "Extreme Makeover" just to lift your spirits.  Often times it's a matter of learning about what's new, learning a new technique or trick, or perhaps just having someone to talk to.

Check out BEYOND THE ACORN MAGAZINE for lots of exciting community news, and certainly the April 2015 issue for the makeover contest information.


For your own makeover experience here in Southern California, I look forward to hearing from you whether it's here, or an on location event (yes we can come to you).

Billy Lowe - as seen on Hallmark's Home And Family Channel