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Hair Salons in Westlake Village - Calabasas - Agoura Hills

Hollywood Hair Guru Billy Lowe opens Westlake Village Hair Salon

Skip driving to the city to have your highlights perfected.   Why fight traffic to get to Beverly Hills when Beverly Hills services are now offered in Westlake Village?

I'm thrilled to announce the opening of my salon in Westlake Village at Regency Salon Studios.  I've kept very much with my "Hollywood set dressing" theme and kept the studio with a small, intimate and private setting, away from the distractions of larger salon settings.   This gives me (and the clients) a more one-on-one setting in which to discuss their hair care needs, and the comforts of relaxing without worrying about chatter around them.  The studio is very reminiscent of my hair and makeup rooms on the sets of Hollywood.

The hot offering?  MALIBU BLONDE - $400

I love blonding, and dimensional color can be very tricky.  I see a lot of broken strands running around town with hair stylists trying to life blondes WAYYY too high.  I rar…