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Fall 2014 -

I absolutely love fall.  It's here, finally, and most of the country is already seeing the change of season, leaves rustle, change colors, and fall away.  Though I live in California and we don't really get the affect of fall as many other areas do, we occasionally get the sense that seasons are changing and the air becomes just a touch cooler.

Fall is such an interesting time.  Many are back to school, others are beginning to travel, most have wrapped up travel, and pulling out fall fashion is just the beginning of the season ahead.  For me it's always been a time of reflection - almost more than New Year celebrations.  There's a greater sense of "change" that fall brings on as trees begin to undress and the weather begins to change.  So with this new season - take time to reflect, take inventory, and measure.  Or, just stop and admire the wonders of our great planet.  I'm hoping to enjoy the journey a bit more this season and hope you do as well.  


Hair Color Tips - Over Processed Hair

Hair Color is an art - and a science.  I personally think it's mostly an art. Often times my hands reach for color quicker than my mind processes it, and it's then that I realize our hands are pretty smart.  It's amazing that "the touch" is truly just as important as the thought process when it comes to art forms and hair color is no exception.

The biggest mistake I think most hair colorists make is over processing.  Heat is one of the biggest enemies to hair and I've seen it happen time and time again when clients are left under dryers, heat lamps or steamers for much too long when it's simply not necessary.  This often happens when customers want to go lighter, hair stylists are over-booked, and clients find themselves sitting for much too long with foils or color in their hair.  A great base color lifted only 1-2 levels (max) plus highlights is truly the remedy for this.

Another mistake is color balance.  I think many clients are lifted way too much a…

My visit to Charlotte, NC

I recently took a visit to Charlotte, NC.    What an amazing town.  I'm not sure what's in the water here but in the past few months, I find myself drawn to the Queen City.   My sister announced a few years ago that she had a friend in Charlotte that she had gotten pretty close to and earlier this year, our interim pastor and his wife moved to Charlotte to be closer to their family.  Only weeks later, another person from our church took a position in Charlotte and if that doesn't take the cake, I received a phone call from a potential client here about flying in to do her hair color in Charlotte.

I stepped off the plane and of course there was the specific enveloping of humidity that I knew growing up as a little boy in Georgia, and suddenly perfectly coiffed hair is anything but.  Pass me a beanie please.  The first night was mostly about settling in and I stayed at a hotel near Southpark Mall and ate at the magnificent Terrace Cafe in Charlotte.  A large glass of sweet…

Salons by JC Carmel Commons - Billy Lowe visits Charlotte, NC

Salons by JC Charlotte, NC.  



A few weeks ago I received a phone call from a client in Charlotte, NC needing hair color.  She had heard about my work as a hair stylist in Beverly Hills, CA for television and film, as well as reality makeover shows, and wanted to book a trial appointment for hair color.    I was flown into Charlotte, NC where I had the opportunity to meet her, the family and have a little "tour-de-Charlotte" along the way. Charlotte is the most amazing city and it appears I'll be opening my books to the Queen City very soon as well as sharing the exciting world of GLOSS & TOSS® - Celebrity Shine in a Bottle!™ available online at

The world of the traditional hair salon and the traditional salon business model has been changing for the past 10-20 years with more and m…