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Cruelty free cosmetics - no animal testing - Gloss And Toss Scores again

I'm pleased to announce that Gloss & Toss was featured in an interview with LEAPING BUNNY today (Friday the 25th) to their 40,000+ email subscribers.    We posted about this on our GLOSS & TOSS BLOG and hope you enjoy the read.

We're working hard to support cruelty free cosmetics and making the world a better place one product, one customer, one purchase at a time.

There are many hair serum categories and we're pleased with our efforts to be the leader in this hair care category.

How to dentangle your hair

How to detangle your hair

The creative team of Gloss & Toss wrote a fabulous article on their blog on "How to detangle your hair!"    I suggest checking it out here.   Hair tangling leads to damage, breaking and overall unhealthy looking hair.  Over processing your hair (color or heat) can also lead to dry, fragile and easily tangled hair.   Fine hair is also prone to tangling.  Be sure to read the blog post from above (click the link above) and read the article about detangling hair.    Not only has Gloss & Toss produced the most amazing hair serum - we strive to put out countless beauty products that are sure to win the votes of clients around the world.  We look forward to speaking with you soon.