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Color Correction Beverly Hills, Hair Color Los Angeles

Color correction

So you've gotten your hair colored and now you're pissed!  That subtle blonde is either too brassy, or your beautiful chestnut brown looks more like muddy shoe polish and you've spent 5 hours in the hair salon only to leave still very unhappy.   Color and color correction is not the easiest thing to perfect.  I've spent countless years in hair color in beverly hills and on hit reality shows, news segments, product launches, and trade shows around the world and I've seen color of all kinds here and there.  Color is art - it's not a science.   There are many "science rules" that I bend in order to perfect hair color and it's a career path that I've chosen to specialize in and one that I absolutely love.

The biggest problems with many hair color procedures are the following:

Stylists leave color or lightener on too longStyli…

Grooming tips for dogs - Pet grooming tips

Pet grooming tips for your dog.   While I'm not a professional pet groomer, I've worked in the health and beauty industry for nearly 20 years now and a large "chunk" of that time has been in hair and makeup, as well as individual beauty tips.  As a kid, we always had pets around whether it was a dog, a goldfish, my brothers had lizards and bugs of all kinds, and there was always a sense of care and care taking in our home.

My dog, Panda, is now 4 years old and she and I have a great little routine and when it comes time for personal care and grooming, there's nothing better than a day of beauty for "him and her."  What I've noticed in pet grooming is that Panda always comes back so frisky, so sure of herself, and so lively.  Her expressions are much brighter, and she's out to see the world one leap, one bark, one tummy rub at a time.  Not to mention, I can see more of her than when she has and unkempt style.

Panda is half terrier, half havane…

How to choose the best hair dryer


I have worked in the health and beauty industry for nearly 20 years.  In my (humble)  experience there are many things one looks for when selecting the best hair dryer.   Obviously style, color, and personal touches mean a lot to each and every individual.   However there are major functions that must be taken into account when selecting a great hair dryer.  Will it fit when you travel?   How heavy is it?  Does it get hot enough to smooth hair out?  Is there a hot and cold option?  How many fan speed options are there?

There's so much that one looks for when selecting a hair dryer and last but not least - THE COST.  But there are 4 main elements to consider when selecting a good quality hair dryer to use at home or in the professional environment.

These 4 main elements include:
WeightHeatForceNoise Many hair dryers are powerful - but it makes them noisy or heavy.    Others are light-weight dryers but don't have the "force" or prope…