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Let's Make a Deal Makeover in Beverly Hills, Hollywood Makeover at a Beverly Hills Hair Salon

You've seen the show more times than you can count.    Perhaps you've been a tourist in Hollywood and seen the fans lining up to be on the show.   "What are those crazy costumes?" you ask yourself.  "And why are all of those people standing out in the blazing sun waiting to be a contestant on a show?  I think I'll head to Pink's for a hotdog and an iced cold drink instead!" Welcome to Hollywood.  Let's Make a Deal Prize Give aways often include A Hollywood Makeover with the Billy Lowe team.   Known for his work on countless reality shows, news segments and of course, the red carpet, Billy Lowe and team can help create any beauty event for you whether it's a makeover sweepstakes winner, a corporate retreat, day-to-day cut & color, or perhaps a product launch  
From hair, makeup, wardrobe and everything in between - our team has just about seen it all.   From makeover trips to NYC, Las Vegas makeover get-aways,  even cut, color, or style …