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Gloss & Toss in Seattle -

Gloss & Toss Seattle

We had a very exciting day yesterday (June 4, 2014) in visiting Seattle, WA to showcase Gloss & Toss to our future retail partner - more details coming soon.    Obviously the trip was a quick "up and back" and same day visit but well worth the 2AM wake-up call.

While there we had an amazing lunch at a new restaurant called Miller's Guild downtown near 7th street.  After walking the streets of Seattle on what turned out to be a VERY nice, warm, clear day - we stopped at Zeek's Pizza near The Space Needle for a quick afternoon pick-me-up before heading back to the airport for the trip back to Los Angeles.

We're excited about the growth, progress and happenings with the Gloss & Toss brand and continue to believe Gloss & Toss is the best hair serum on the market.  Our new retail partner LOVES the formula and we know you will as well.

The team of Billy Lowe,, and Gloss & Toss.

Social Bullying

Social bullying is mean-spirited, unkind, and absolutely unnecessary.   Bullying doesn't just hurt on the outside, it hurts on the inside too.

Today a "Facebook friend" shared a photo slamming shoppers at Wal-Mart who appeared in photos that somehow found their way to the world wide web.    The photos showed customers that may experience weight issues, perhaps had a mis-hap in a Wal-Mart Store - or maybe made a derogatory comment about their purchases.

The truth is, these are people - just like you and me.  I grew up working part-time as a Wal-Mart Stockman in Douglas, Georgia and Wal-Mart paid for much of my events, clothing, college admissions fees, etc all throughout high school.  I am proud of the opportunity to work there, to have shopped there, and to have made some great friends during my high school career.

Now, as a 20 year veteran of the health and beauty industry - I am absolutely insensed that people find humor in other peoples' misfortune or accidents…