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Gloss & Toss Retail Display Units

As Gloss & Toss is growing every day, and developments are happening along and along, we love keeping you updated on the progress of the best hair serum around!    Phase 2 is complete with our table toppers and we absolutely love the samples.     We have some ver exciting meetings happening this week and next and look forward to keeping you posted on all updates.

If your salon or retail establishment is interested in carrying Gloss & Toss, please visit and send us an email.

We look forward to hearing from you.

How should the mother of the bride wear her hair

Wedding hair for mother of the bride.  (click link for article)

This was a great article that I contributed to for our friends at Fabulous After 40!.    If you have any questions about how you should wear your hair, style tips, trends, and more - check out the fabulous article linked at the beginning of this blog post.  
For your wedding needs, or hair & makeup for production, special events, makeovers and more - please visit for more information.   
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Gloss & Toss joins other cosmetics industry leaders to end animal testing!


Gloss & Toss® works to end animal testing in cosmetics.

After countless hours, weeks and months of research, Gloss & Toss® finally received the coveted Leaping Bunny Certification which is one of the highest cruelty-free "seals of approval" that any cosmetics company can hope for.   Not only does it mean the end product isn't tested on animals, but it also means that in no part of the process was there any animal testing.

In the article "Cosmetics industry leaders back Moran to end animal testing" Gloss & Toss was featured among many other industry leaders who wish to end animal testing on a global level.    Though it is a lengthy journey - steps are being made, awareness is being raised, and customers and manufacturers alike are paying attention.

Enjoy the article (linked above).    We are working a day at a time, a step at a time to support cruelty-free production.

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