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Beverly Hilton Hair Salon Beverly Hills - Billy Lowe Key Hair Stylist Los Angeles

It's always a pleasure to get to work at the prestigious Beverly Hilton Hotel when my clients fly in.

Situated next door to the historic Trader Vic's, this is THE place to be year round.  Whether you're visiting Los Angeles for the first time - or you're returning as many do year after year for a little fun in the sun - our team of beauty experts look forward to taking care of every beauty need you have.

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I look forward to seeing you soon.  
Billy Lowe Celebrity Hair Stylist & Founder of Gloss & Toss Hair Shine Serum

Gloss & Toss - Top 10 uses - celebrity hair style tips

Celebrity Hair Tips - Top uses for Gloss & Toss - as we do on the red carpet.

Everyone's in love with Gloss & Toss!    We even have top stylists at the prestigious Beverly Hilton using Gloss & Toss on their VIP and red carpet clients here at the hotel.  But here are our top 10 tips on using Gloss & Toss and ways to keep your hair super gorgeous.

1.  Apply a small amount to wet/clean hair & distribute evenly.  Don't just apply w/ fingers - be sure to brush through w/ a large paddle brush for even saturation.

2.  Blow-dry hair smooth in normal manner by removing 70-80% moisture FIRST, then use brushes as desired.

3. For a wash & wear look - simply apply Gloss & Toss through to ends, distribute evenly, and allow hair to air-dry.

4.  For a natural look, apply Gloss & Toss throughout, "scrunch" back sections of hair and allow those to air-dry - BUT,  blow-dry the front 1/4 sections of hair smooth.   The back sections will dry naturally a…

Gloss & Toss welcomes Mom2.0 Summit Atlanta Georgia

Mom2.0 Summit Atlanta Georgia May 1-3 welcomes attendees with much excitement (and from what we hear) a lot of humidity.   But never fear - Gloss & Toss is here.     Helping to fight those humid conditions, speed up blow-dry time, give beautiful polish and shine and so much more - this is THE shine & treatment serum to have - over and over and over.

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